Angela’s Going to do What?!

When my friends heard that I was going to be a participant in Dancing Stars of Augusta, they couldn’t believe it. They heard it on the Austin Rhodes radio show and thought it was a mistake. Angela? Really? She hates the spotlight and hates exercize more. She must have signed up to be a judge or an event planner. I had to tell them I truly had agreed to dance. At the Bell. In front of a crowd. A big crowd.

Life is all about new adventures, and pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones. If we can do that and support a great cause, it is a no-brainer. Dee Dee and the team at the Alzheimer’s Association were kind enough to extend this offer and place a vote of confidence in me, and I knew immediately that I had to say yes. It is exactly the kind of challenge I enjoy. And, much like when I tandem-jumped out of a plane, my goal for this adventure will be simple. Have a good time but try not to cause any harm to the professional guiding me through the process. I have met my professional dancing partner/teacher Stephen, as well as everyone at the Ballroom Dance Center, and they are all delightfully enthusiastic and optimistic for me.

I appreciate everyone who votes/donates to this campaign, regardless of which dancer they support. They are a tremendous group of local leaders. I am also appreciative of Kevin and my family for their encouragement, and to Jim Hudson Lexus for their sponsorship. I look forward to making new friends and conquering old fears. I’ll keep you posted on the progress. In the meantime, here is the website where you can learn more about the event.

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