Dancing Stars of Augusta Progress

ImageCountdown-13 weeks. I have had 3 lessons so far and am amazed at how much there is to absorb. My instructor/guide/mentor/guru Stephen said that I am essentially learning a new language. I think we are still on the alphabet, but it’s fun. He is patient with little grasshopper. It turns out that the number one rule for dancing is the same as for rock climbing-don’t look down!!


This week my homework was to listen-really listen-to music. It’s not just background noise; I have to hear the beat and learn to count it out. I call my friend Jeff to keep me on track. I thought a Papa Roach song was a 3-count. (Jeff tells me it’s a 4.) I’m wondering which songs should be considered for the big number. Stephen advises that Sixx AM and Linkin Park may be hard to choreograph. Alt rock may not be in the cards for my dancing -at least for now. I’m sure we will find something fun.


 Kevin has been alerted to his inevitable involvement in this process. He said he is in for the adventure -like always! He is constantly saying “let’s do it” to new suggestions, and I love that about him. I am also grateful, because I need to practice the basic steps in-between lessons, so that they become second nature. The two of us are also going to check out the open dance nights at the Ballroom Dance Center. They take place each Friday 830-11pm. Perhaps if I go to a few of these, I will absorb some dancing skills through osmosis.


That’s all for this week!! Be sure to vote for me or any of the other great contestants online!!

All of the pictures and bios are posted (except Austin??) so the site looks great. Check it out.




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