A photo blog of home decor

A old friend of mine used to chastise himself each time he made a comment that was so obvious, he might as well have not said it at all. He would call himself the “Master of the Obvious”. At risk of being called that myself, I’m going to make a statement that is so well-accepted, it doesn’t need to be stated. A home purchase may be the best thing ever for the economy.

Everyone knows this, of course, but I don’t think I fully realized it until our recent home purchase. I am magnetically drawn to Target, Home Depot, Consignment stores and decor shops in a way that causes me to feel powerless. I have acquired more home objects in the last 2 months than I have purchased in my entire 49 years. It is frightening.

I hesitate to admit all this, and I’m sure Kevin is beginning to fear the number of unidentified objects which keep surfacing in his home. The only rationale is that there is some kind of gene in our DNA that makes us feel compelled to buy and arrange objects in a new space. You see a little of this in the car business, certainly. People who want the Lexus key-chain or hat or car care kit or window tinting after a vehicle purchase. But most of that is functional, less of it is personalization. With a home, though, it is a economic whirlwind, a vortex of cash output.

I will not embarrass myself or bore you with a list of the pillows, sheets, towels, and standard home fare in which I have indulged, but I will remind our gentle readers that my new home has 3 bedrooms and 3 baths, so whatever most people purchase with a new house, I’ve done it times 3. Nor will I regale you with tales of new granite counters or house re-painting. My focus today is on decorative (ie: non-essential) items only. So here is a short tour. Enjoy. And to all the local businesses who were the beneficiaries of my spending-you are welcome.


Purchased at Art on Broad, Downtown Augusta


The kitty clock and kitty sculptures I already had. The platform has a cool weathered look. Found it at Clementine Gifts on Baston Road


Pretty sure the ‘vase’ is actually part of a kitchen canister set I found at HomeGoods and bought when I was madly acquiring anything I saw in that color blue. Flowers from Pier One. Arranging I did myself.


I liked this unique picture frame. Photo only stays up thanks to that small round magnet. Purchased from Clementine Gifts on Baston Road


Silver dish from HomeGoods. They hit the big time with their large assortment of blue and beach-y looking decor.


Another dish from HomeGoods


Small dish from Art on Broad, downtown


Blue glass orb from Art on Broad downtown. One of my favorite acquisitions. Hoping the cat doesn’t knock it off the dresser.


Kitchen needed a little decorative work. Visitors who know me will realize that it is for display and not for cooking. Williams Sonoma.


Artwork at a consignment store. Dropped it after I got it home and had to take it to Frame Shop for repairs. LOVE looking at it, especially against the Salty Dog Blue wall.


Another piece from Art on Broad. I’ve moved it 10 times but it currently resides on one of my mantles. It looks good anywhere I put it, but I like it to be where it can shine on it’s own simplicity.


My facebook friends will recognize this composition, but it is the 4th version of the bookshelf by the fireplace. The “Happy Place” sign was a gift from my brother-in-law. The wine was, sadly, purchased for decorative reasons only.

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